Chad le Clos crushed on social media after losing to Michael Phelps

The internet can be cruel sometimes …

Wikipedia trolls edited Chad le Clos’ Wikipedia page to say he “died by the hands of Michael Phelps, being literally blown out of the water by the greatest American since Abraham Lincoln” after the Olympian was defeated by his rival in the 200m butterfly.


Various edits were made to the South African swimmer’s page just minutes after Phelps beat le Clos, who failed to medal on the night. Additional edits called him “Michael Phelps’ Pool Boy” and said that “Le Clos was buried beneath Phelps’ medals.”


Cameras honed in on le Clos staring down Phelps prior to the semifinal and then again the next day. The tension between the swimmers was also brought up on various broadcasts. With both men qualifying for the final, all eyes were on Phelps and le Clos.

Phelps won to capture his 20th gold medal and gave an epic finger wave afterward. Le Clos finished fourth and failed to medal.

As you can probably imagine, the 24-year-old, who beat Phelps for the gold in the 200m butterfly at the London Games in 2012, was a target for jokes on social media after not earning a place on the medal stand this time around.

The infamous crying Jordan face made numerous appearances.