Instagram vs. SnapChat

“Disappearing content on social media seems to be the latest craze, and the battle is on between Instagram & SnapChat”


Since launching in 2010, Instagram already hosts an impressive 300 million daily users worldwide. Although we are still awaiting the latest stats for South Africa, the most recent South African Social Media Landscape 2016 study (conducted by World Wide Worx and Fuseware) has revealed that there were 2,68 million Instagram users (a year ago), and that Instagram has seen immense growth over the last year.

Snapchat, although still only a 4-year old toddler, already boasts an incredible 150 million fans. This has made Instagram take notice, and made them take a much more ‘snapchatty’ direction. Instagram used to be more about curating great content, but with their Instagram Stories it has (like with Snapchat) also become about capturing the here-and-now. With Instagram Stories you can share various videos and photos, and let it appear in a slideshow format, called your story. This story is only visible for 24 hours.

Although Snapchat is absolutely huge in the United States at the moment, especially among millennials, I wonder if Instagram doesn’t have too much of a head start over Snapchat in South Africa. By the time South Africans discover all of Snapchat’s amazing functions, Instagram would probably have incorporated it in their app already, including some of Snapchat’s hilarious lenses:












So, if you’re wondering which platform to use to promote your South African products or services, to South Africans, I’d suggest sticking with Instagram for now, and combining it with Facebook Ads.


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